Experiences with Clients

The company had just started. The first client it had  was a 92 year old man and his son contacted MLC for service for him.  When he spoke to its owner, he felt the care and knew his father was going to be in good hands.   She told him not to worry about the money, but about his father’s care. “We charged him quite a small amount,” says the owner.  This . . .
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Giving Care to a Loved One With Alzheimer and Dementia

1.) The earlier the care starts for an Alzheimer’s disease victim the better.  And preparation for this care is very important. You may want to assign family members to take care of the patient. This may not work out because he or she needs to be taken care of for 24 hours and the family members will have other engagements that have to take away some of the time that the patient needs. . . .
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