Experiences with Clients

The company had just started. The first client it had  was a 92 year old man and his son contacted MLC for service for him.  When he spoke to its owner, he felt the care and knew his father was going to be in good hands. 

She told him not to worry about the money, but about his father’s care. “We charged him quite a small amount,” says the owner.  This son of his, who is an accountant was so surprised. He thought I didn’t know what I was doing.  And later told me I will be at big loss.” But the owner told him  not to worry because money was not  and has never been the main interest that drove her into the business. “That he could hardly understand, especially as others want to get rich overnight  in the business,” she continues.  “For me, what’s more important, is the satisfaction I give and elderly person with the care he receives from us.”

A good caregiver has to match the client, who has to feel comfortable, safe and remain at home with comfort. Watch the caregiver and customer evolve until they are comfortable with each other. The care has to come from the heart and the caregiver  does not have to look at the job first but the care.Later on, when all paperwork was complete with this first customer, MLC gave him his first  charge for 27/7 service. He still thought it was small and insisted  to increase the money, but Cynthia insisted on what she had charged. At the  end of the relationship with this client (   ), “One day I saw the son walk into my office with the testimonial below, well typed out and finely framed. And Mr… told Cynthia to not only hang it up in her office, but also to place it on her website, when it will be created. 


November 12, 2012

To  Whom it May Concern

I would recommend Mary’s Loving Care for your personal in-home needs. Their staff took care of my 92 year old dad, who has  Alzheimer’s disease, in his apartment  in October and November 2012, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They did an outstanding job caring for my dad during a difficult time, including Hurricane Sandy. Their approach and attitude made me feel like they were a loving, caring, part of my family.

My dad was self-sufficient but needed someone to be there for companionship, to remind him to take his medication, to do food shopping for him and to alert me when a problem arose. They are a dedicated  group of people, are always eager to offer help and support and they had an excellent relationship with my dad and I. They provide peace of mind and would be an asset to any employer/customer. I strongly recommend them.


Emil Mikulik