The Difficult Separation

The MLC home health aides taking care of Mr Mikulik found it hard to separate from him. They had built a relationship with him “that was as strong as our blood family unit,” one of them says. “Four of us were constantly assigned  to him weekly. We took turns. Even though he was 92 years old and had dementia and Alzheimer, because of the attentive care and love we gave him, he could always remember each of our names. And  called each an every one of us distinctly, by her name. He showed intense love for us as much as we did for him.”  
Whenever any of them finished work and had to go home, the separation was difficult as grandpa wouldn’t let go her hand. The final day with him was a so emotional and the separation harder than all others, as illustrated in this picture.
Photo caption: The last home health aide, bidding Mr Mikulik farewell. He was almost in tears as he let her go.