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Medication Reminders

Approximately 125,000 deaths and up to 25 percent of annual hospital and nursing home admissions are related to patients straying from their medication schedule, according to researchers by Kathleen Mazor, Susan Billings-Gagliardi, and Melissa Fischer  in an article published in the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, entitled: “Initial Acceptance of Treatment with Antihypertensive Medication; the Importance of Communication, Trust, and Beliefs.”
The biggest finding in the study was that there are four major beliefs that impact whether a patient will accept the drug treatment: trust in the physician, the perception that the physician communicated well, the belief that medication is effective, and the belief that doctors don’t prescribe unsafe medications.
At Mary’s Loving Care, we understand the situation from the patients’ point of view. That’s why we provide medical reminders to our clients. We regularly call individuals, reminding them to take pills and medications at a prescribed date and time. 

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